Blackjack Tips and Tricks

Blackjack is one of the most famous in the world of gambling and casinos. It can be pretty hard to win a bet in Blackjack, especially if you are playing with experienced players. Blackjack is one of those tricky games where you learn from experience. For a beginner, I can get pretty hard to win a hand. So here are some tips and tricks that might get you to win a hand or two.

  • Always split the pair of aces or 8- When you have 2 similar cards in your hand, you have the chance to split them into two. In the event that you have two aces or two 8, the best arrangement is to part them. Together, the aces have a sum of 12, yet in the event that you split them, you can get twice 21. For the pair of 8, this is the most awful hand possible. In the event that you isolate them, you have two odds of getting 18.
  • Do not split pairs of 10 or 6- In the off chances that you get a pair of 10 or 6, do not split them. A pair of 10 will sum up to 20, which is a strong hand to take the risk of splitting them and getting a bad hand.


  • Let the dealer bust- If the card dealer possess a card that is between 4 and 6 included, let the dealer bust. If you have a soft hand, and there is no way to bust, then you can pick up another card.
  • Use basic strategy- If you are new to the game, or believe in strong basics, use basic strategies to win the game. The basic strategies for winning a blackjack game online or offline are- Never take insurance, If your total is lesser than or equal to 11, take an extra card, double up you hand to 10 or 11 if your cards are higher than the dealers cards, if your total comes up to 18, stop. For hands where the ace count as 1- if your sum of the cards is 17, stop, if you have a total of 12 to 16 and your dealer’s card is greater than or equal to 7, then you must draw a card. For hands when ace counts as 11, stop if you have a total of 18 and pull if your total is 17 or lesser.
  • Count your cards and unless you are counting, do not worry about shuffle. For a professional player, keeping track of a particular set of cards or one card can get impossible when the cards are being shuffled. It is not necessary to count your cards in online games.

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